Corporate Social Responsibility

Topaz takes great pride in being a responsible corporate citizen and positively influence the communities in which we operate.  Our commitment is to contribute to the development of our operating locations.  Our investments are not only in assets and structures, but also in people and the protection of our ecology.

As a company with strong roots in the marine industry with many mariners and ex-mariners among our staff, the wellbeing of seafarers around the world is close to our hearts.  Therefore Topaz supports the 'Mission to Seafarers' charity organization.  Founded in England in 1856, and operating in the Gulf since 1962, the Mission is working to improve the quality of seafarers' lives, irrespective of colour, race, faith or belief.

In August 2009, the Mission organized an adventure trip to Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds in support of its project, the Flying Angel.  Topaz sponsored a team member to make an attempt at the summit and at the same time raise both funds and awareness of the cause.  Our Topaz challenger made it to the summit and we also managed to raise in excess of AED 30,000 for the Flying Angel.

The Topaz Earth environmental initiative is another example of how Topaz seeks to make a difference for the community and the environment.  Read more about Topaz Earth here.

Photo of the team that completed the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb in aid of The Mission to the Seafarers

The Team completes the Mount Kilimanjaro climb in aid of The Mission to Seafarers