Working at Topaz

Rajiv Kumar - Operations Manager Topaz Marine MENA

Photo of Rajiv Kumar, Operations Manager, Topaz Marine MENA

Rajiv believes that teamwork and commitment always leads to success

How long have you been with Topaz?
I have been with Topaz for several years now.

How would you describe the working culture of Topaz?
Topaz is a rapidly growing group and I have seen tremendous expansion in my company during my tenure. A lot of emphasis has been given on training of the staff and in ensuring that safety is accorded top priority. There is total commitment in this regard from the top management.

How would you describe your experience working at Topaz?
The growth process has brought about a lot of challenges and exciting growth opportunities for everyone. The hard work put in by employees is appreciated; the company encourages new ideas to be put forward for system improvement. Our committed workshop team has reduced the operation costs by doing the jobs in-house and ensuring quick turnaround of vessels that are often in very difficult conditions. All this leads to successful operations and finally an improvement in the company’s bottom line.

What is the best memory of your time with Topaz?
This was during the docking of one of our vessels. The ship’s CPP propeller had a major problem and after a lot of work on the unit, the dry-dock repair team and the OEM service engineer decided that the unit was beyond repair and had to be replaced. However, our team worked on the unit after everyone had left for the day and to everybody’s surprise we managed to solve the problem late that night. This saved the company a lot of money as the lead time for the parts were more than two months and the ship would have been out of service for that time. More than that, it proved that teamwork and commitment to the job always leads to success- and on that day all of us could proudly say that we had done what even the makers’ service engineer could not do.