Topaz Earth

Our Planet.
Our Responsibility.

In 2009, Topaz has launched Topaz Earth; a company-wide initiative to transform Topaz into a global industry leader in environmental stewardship. Our environment is a key priority and in the years to come it will become increasingly more vital as issues of sustainability take centre stage in the Middle-East and globally. The worldwide dependence on fossil fuels is an internationally recognized problem and finding practical solutions is our responsibility as a company.

Relying on the political will to take action against wasteful and polluting practices would be taking a passive approach. By instead assuming a progressive stance on issues that impact our ecosystem, we can help promote a healthy dialogue on environmental issues and help shape the future policies of governments and relevant authorities. The first step in this ambitious undertaking is ensuring that we do our part.

The Topaz Earth initiative aims to educate all of our staff and inspire our teams to make a difference, small or big, whether it’s in the Middle East or the Caspian or on board one of our vessels, wherever it may operate. Anything that saves energy, paper or fuel is a positive development for Topaz and for our planet. 

Pilot projects are being designed that will focus on resource conservation and recycling and serve to prove that significant waste reductions are possible with very little effort.

Please visit this page regularly to learn about the difference that Topaz Earth is making.

Topaz assumes a progressive stance on environmental issues

Our commitment to a cleaner environment